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Blowers is the best destination for discerning buyers of fine timepieces and exquisite jewellery. Located in a small market town in rural Yorkshire, where business expenses are some of the lowest in the UK, we could work on a much lower profit margin than our opponents in London. There are some very reliable, well recognized vintage wristwatch dealers in London which we would not hesitate to unreservedly recommend.

Blowers provides a comfortable environment where customers can take their time to peruse a comprehensive and diverse portfolio of luxury timepieces, all stocked in one location. One of the fundamental reasons for the internet auction sessions from which this site is descended being so successful over the last decade has been that they provided a much less expensive alternative to the fundamental London traders with no sacrifice being created in credibility or condition.Image result for sell my watch online rolex

The smallest shop in Piccadilly or Burlington Arcade will have costs related to it of several thousands of pounds per week and inevitably, the costs charged to your watches sold there should sell my watch online cover them. These are solid businesses run along ethical lines which will provide extremely good first classic watches in a state suitable for the serious collector.

The asking price of the vintage watches available on this site is roughly 50%, and in many cases much less of what the specific same models cost when they’re offered in Burlington Arcade or Bond Street. A substantial proportion of the selling price paid by the buyer relates directly to the huge cost of maintaining premises in such an expensive site.

The majority of us are extremely impressed by delightful stores in Mayfair and the London Silver Vaults, but it’s easy to eliminate sight of how those need to be compensated for and the asking prices of the vintage watches provided there are, of necessity, exceptionally high. In real conditions, when you purchase a watch from us, the buy price is related to the actual thing itself, with just a very tiny proportion of their total paid being in relation to our prices.Image result for sell my watch online

But, having said that, the incontrovertible fact is that commercial property in central London is a number of the most expensive, if not the most expensive, on earth. The classic watches for sale here are in the ideal condition of state and creativity that may be located anywhere in the world.

All watches advertised by Blowers are physically in-stock, guaranteed by our group of experts and available to see, either at our Kingston upon Hull Boutique or, by previous agreement, our sumptuous office in the center of London’s prestigious Mayfair.

Greatest Assortment Of High End Fine Watches, Our Goal Is To Supply All Our West Yorkshire Clients With The Best Price Possible.


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